Themes for 2017

Ngā kaupapa mō 2017

Connect, Collaborate and Innovate are the three over-arching themes for Connected Educator Aotearoa New Zealand 2017.

Connect: Sharing knowledge and ideas

  • How has the process of connecting with others in your Community of Schools been in your experience? What are the challenges and successes so far?
  • To what extent are ICTs used to support your implementation of the NZ Curriculum/Te Whāriki/Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, and to share the outcomes?
  • What are the benefits of national and global networked learning as an approach to professional learning?
  • How has networked learning enriched you personally? What online evidence can you provide to demonstrate learning around learners’ needs and strengths?

Collaborate: Working together and developing relationships

  • What are the ways that you promote collaboration within your classroom/centre?
  • In what ways do ICTs enable collaborative activity and relationship building?
  • How do you foster relationships with children’s homes and the wider business community?
  • How do you go about establishing collaborative learning relationships at a national or international level? Who have you developed relationships with and why?

Innovate: Innovation and sustainability

  • What are the particular skills and competencies required by students to participate in a 21st century world? How are these developed in your classroom/centre?
  • How is innovation and creativity encouraged in your classroom/centre?
    How do you assess these competencies in your students?
  • What changes have you explored and/or made to existing structures such as timetables, assessment, school day, subjects, etc to enable such innovative approaches?

If your organisation is interested in or co-leading one of the themes as an in-kind contribution to the celebration, please let us know.