ONLINE DISCUSSION: Citizenship education – Fostering young people’s agency

We welcome connected educators to share their ideas on how to put citizenship education into practice inside and outside the classroom. From October 13, read the latest NZ Transport Agency newsletter for ideas on how teachers can facilitate citizenship education: Citizenship is also a context for the “future focus” principle of the NZ Curriculum. […]

RESOURCE: Pam Hook’s latest year 1-8 curriculum resource – “Everyone is a road user”

Citizenship education in the context of safer community journeys is the concept behind a newly published curriculum resource from the NZ Transport Agency.The resource was written by Pam Hook. It is arranged by learning areas: English, mathematics and science. Students can seek community-based solutions to help road users experience safer journeys.Connected educators are encouraged to […]

FORUM: Curriculum design and review | An Enabling e-Learning event

On-going Curriculum design and review, with guest Chris McLean (NZC) and more guests to come…This year, we’ve run a series of discussions around Personalising Learning. As conversations have evolved, it has become increasingly clearer, that regular review of Curriculum design and delivery is vital – if we want to respond to the individualised needs of […]

PODCAST: Young gifted and brown (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7)

Part 1: How does giftedness in Pasifika students differ? – “It’s cool to be smart”: Gagne’s (2008) differentiated model of gifted and talented (DMGT) gives us a foundation for creating Pasifika cultural identifiers for giftedness. Part 2:  Raising achievement – Let’s talk about gifts: A focus on Pasifika giftedness that enhances raising achievement. Part 3: Cultural identifiers expanded […]

BOOK CLUB: Key Competencies for the Future – Closing webinar with the authors

We are delighted that NZCER will be hosting the first NZ Book Group in Connected Educator Month this year, in the VLN and via webinars. The new publication, “Key Competencies for the Future”, will be spotlighted through webinars and online discussions. This is a wonderful opportunity for educators across New Zealand and beyond to come […]