WEBINAR: Leadership for Change

Leading education offers both challenge and opportunity for our educators. One of the global themes for Connected Educator Month is leadership for change. In this webinar, we will explore how a connected, digitally-enabled education has implications for our leaders – and how this is one feature of a modern leadership kete (kit). From engagement with […]

BLOG: #blogsync Kick-Off!

For when 140 characters just isn’t enough…..The CEM NZ team is proud to be twinning with the UK for this month-long blogging challenge. #blogsync is the brainchild of Christopher Waugh (@edutronic), previously an HoD English in Wanaka, now leading the way with Edutronic at the London Nautical School, London. #blogsync is an invitation for any […]

WEBINAR: Meaningful digital technology for toddlers

In what ways are you integrating digital technology with the toddlers you are working with? This workshop will explore the tensions around using digital technologies with toddlers and ways to integrate digital technologies within toddler environments that promote curiosity, connectedness and communication. Presenter Justine Mason Audience Early childhood Topics Curriculum, Digital technologies, Inclusive practices / […]