2015 CENZ Archives

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27 October:  2015 eFellows Research

20 October:  Quite Simply Included

19 October:  Mohiotanga Matauranga Maramatanga | Kaupapa Māori Theory is discussed through the lens of Te Whatu Pokeka

16 October: Spirals of Inquiry

15 October: Panel discussion: Students, Computers and Learning – and us

15 October:  Using technology to provide literacy support

14 October:  Talking Matters

14 October: Technology Online Open Home

14 October: Cool Science in Action

14 October:  Student wellbeing in secondary schools – Let’s make a difference

14 October:  Kahukura Cluster | New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

13 October: A conversation with Michael Fullan – Recording

A conversation with Michael Fullan – collaborative notes

13 October: Innovative learning practice and environments to support Māori learners

12 October:  UDL in Secondary Schools

9 October uLearn15:  Panel discussion: What will it mean to be educated in 2050?

7 October uLearn15:  Re-imagining learning through school collaborations: How the Kaikohekohe Trust initiative is making a difference for students, teachers and whānau in rural Northland

7 October uLearn15:  FlatConnections Global Project: ‘A week in the life’

5 October Engaging Pasifika Learners

5 October:  Mahi Kāinga vs Kāinga Mahi The HOMEWORK debate, is it really a myth?

1 October  Tama Tū, Tama Ora:  Supporting boys to succeed in education

1 October  uLearn Live @ Lunch #4.

1 October Cultivating Curiosity

30 September  Creating Student agency through GAFE

30 September uLearn Live @ Lunch #3 : Research Strand

30 September  Smacdown (Ideas harvest):  Continuity of Curriculum

29 September  An Interview with Grant Lichtman conducted by Steve Mouldey

29 September  uLearn Live @ Lunch #2

28 September Maori Television interview with Te Mihinga Komene

28 September  uLearn Live @ Lunch #1

23 September  KIDspeakNZ Twitter Chat