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NZQA update on Digital Moderation

NZQA is in the process of developing a new digital, quality assurance platform to verify assessment judgements, made by teachers in schools, for internally assessed standards. This presentation presents our progress with digital moderation and to show how our new web-based platforms are being built and created to create an on-line, collaborative community for teachers to provide national consistency.



uLearn16:  Connected Conversation: connecting with community

uLearn16:  Transforming professional practice: A facilitated panel 

uLearn16:  Connected Conversation: Connecting the future      

uLearn16:  Transforming learning and assessment: A facilitated panel

uLearn16:  Connected Conversation: Connecting through collaboration 

uLearn16:  Transforming leadership: A facilitated panel 


Connected Communities | CoL #1 – Recording link

Hear how Auckland Normal Intermediate and Russell Street School have explored some of the most pressing needs of setting up a CoL.  In this discussion, Jill, Lucy and David share insights into establishing a new way of working across their learning communities.

Connected Communities | CoL #2 – Recording link

Initiate a way of working that explores the big questions:

  • Why work together?
  • What to work together about?
  • How to work together?
  • How to review ‘togetherness’?

Connected Communities | CoL #3 – Recording Link

What inquiry model should we use?

Inquiry models are there to guide a change process. Understand the purpose and scaffolds of the different models so you can make the most of inquiry processes in your CoL.

Connected Communities | CoL #4 – Recording Link

Getting to the root of achievement challenges

Education is complex, and achievement is a symptom of the complexity. Explore ways to notice variance and understand the root causes of why some students experience success while others are not, so you can spread the pockets of excellence.