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This is a (partial) record of as many of the October 2014 events as we have, created by educators for educators.

A ‘bundlr’ of blog posts tagged to #cenz14


Workshop Recordings

Launch Week

All session summaries are on the launch week page.

1st October

  • CEM Launch [1 Oct, 9am]: Kick off session with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Sandy Phillips, Derek Wenmoth, Wharehoka Wano, Phoebe Davies, Anthony Faitaua, Karen Melhuish Spencer.

2nd October

3rd October

4th October


Week 2

6th October

  • Professional blogging for beginners [2.30pm-3.00pm]: More and more teachers are taking up blogging to reflect and share their practice, their thoughts and their learning. How do I make it worthwhile for my professional learning? – Nathaniel Louwrens.

8th – 10th October


Week 3

14th October

  • #CEMBLOG Twitter Blogging Clinic [7pm-9pm]: For a couple of hours one evening Allanah King shared her blogging resources and invited questions about blogging via Twitter.
  • It’s not KFC, it’s PFC’ [9.45am-10.45am]: Togi Lemanu from CORE Education outlines the importance of engaging with Pasifika learners through connecting with their parents, families and communities.

15th October

  • ‘Kidsedchatnz [8pm-9pm] – Twitter in the Classroom’:  A chat session to connect teachers who are participate in Kidsedchatnz or teachers who may be interested in taking part.

17th October


 Week 4

20th October

21st October

22nd October

 23rd October

  • Gifted and Brown webinar’ [11am-12pm]: Manu Faaea-Semeatu from CORE Education explored the process of developing cultural identifiers for gifted Pasifika students.

25th October


 Week 5

29th October

  • Ensuring survival and finding balance at work as an educator’ [4pm-5pm]: The Map of Meaning model helps us understand how we’re investing our time and whether that investment is helping us achieve our real goals; the goals that matter most. Most importantly it introduces the 4 main components which lead to us having a sense that our work is meaningful and of value to ourselves and to others.

30th October

  • ‘#eduignitewelly | Emerging Leaders EduIgnite evening’ [6pm-9pm]: A group of enthusiastic educators in Wellington, NZ, came together at the offices of CORE Education to share and inspire each other with their practice, ponderings and research. This is part of EduIgnite Aotearoa: http://emergingleaders.school.nz/ignite-evening/

31st October

  • #EdBookNZ’ [8pm-9pm]: Each educator took one current education term and wrote the irrelevance of it. Each blog post author has a disruptive friend who gave feedback on their blog post and supported them with discussion on their term.

Week 6

3rd November

Week 8

18th November


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