Earn badges

He Tohu Oranga  |  Digital badge certification

Whāia te mātauranga hei oranga mōu  |  Seek after learning for the sake of your wellbeing.

Earn while you learn with the Connected Educator 2019 badges.

The following badges spotlight a variety of possible pathways, so you can credential your participation. Whether you are learning to use online networks and technologies for the first time, championing connected professional learning in your school, kura or early childhood service, or by offering events in the CENZ calendar, we want to recognise your contribution to Connected Educator New Zealand.


Badge Criteria for award Claim your badge
CENZ Twitter First Flight: Complete the activities in
the Starter Kete for Days 4; or 5.
A badge for anyone new to Twitter. Claim this badge.
CENZ Blogger:
the activities in the Starter Kete for Days 14;  or 15.
A badge for anyone new to blogging. Claim this badge.
CENZ Multimedia:
Complete the activities in the Starter Kete for Days 7; 8 ; 9; or 10.
A badge for anyone new to using YouTube; digital storytelling and image sites. Claim this badge.
CENZ Networker:
Complete the activities in the Starter Kete for Days 6; 16; 17; 18; 20; 23; 24; 25; 26; 27; or 28.
A badge for participation in online communities. Claim this badge.
CENZ Mentor:
Mentor or support another/others in an online conversation /project/blog reflection tagged to
#CENZ19 in ways that reflect the event and its themes/goals.
A badge that recognises the effort and skills to mentor a colleague(s) online. Claim this badge.
CENZ19 Presenter: Present/lead or facilitate a CENZ event tagged to #CENZ19. Claim this badge.
CENZ Collaborator:
Connect and collaborate with someone in an online conversation /project/reflection tagged to #CENZ19 in ways that reflect the event and its themes. Complete the activities in the Starter Kete for Days 11; 12; or 22.
A badge to extend your online learning. Claim this badge.
CENZ Reflector:
Participate in CEM and reflect on the event via a blog or similar tagged to #CENZ19.
Claim this badge.
Connected Educator 2019: Earn at least 3 other Connected Educator NZ badges and you can identify yourself as a ‘Connected Educator’. Claim this badge.

How to collect your badge

Collecting badges is easy once you have done the work to earn them.

  • Log-on to the CORE Education Badge Backpack.
  • Select ‘Earn some Badges
  • Each badge has two options, you can display your badge in English or in Te Reo Māori.
  • Select the badge you are applying for, complete the details and tick the certification criteria to confirm you have met the criteria and earned the badge.  Your badge will now appear in ‘My Badges’.

If this is your first time visiting the backpack, you will need to register by creating an account.  Any badges you own will be connected to the email account you register with.  Complete your details (first and last name, email address and a password).  An activation code will be sent to your email address to verify your registration.  Once you have verified your account, you can login and collect your first badge!

How to use your badge

Once you have earned your badge, it will remain in your backpack and it is yours forever. You can choose to display it where ever you like.

Share your badge page

You can share badges that you earn by sharing a public link to your badge page, showcasing your achievements.

Copying individual badges

You can also download your badge as an image to display.  Just simply click the download button and your image will appear in your downloads folder.  You can upload and display this wherever you wish.  Depending on where you display this, you may need to copy and hyperlink the ‘assertion code’ so all the data supporting that badges is transferred with it.

What is He Tohu Oranga / digital badge certification?

He Tohu Oranga are visual and digital representations of skill, knowledge, competencies and achievement that evidence progression of learning.  This modern evidenced-based certification is gaining momentum internationally because it recognises both informal and formal achievements and provides a more holistic portfolio specific to each learner.

You also have the opportunity to earn as you learn by completing activities and building this learning into an overall Connected Educator achievement.

This video below explains a little more about digital badging: