Starter Kete

Starter Kete / Kit

To help get you connected we have prepared 30 days worth of online
activities. You can start anytime. Try one or two activities, or challenge
yourself to complete all 30 days, or mix and match these activities with any
of those listed on the Connected Educator New Zealand calendar.
Jump right in with the Day 1 activity to find out what a connected educator
is. Try new things, and grow personally and professionally.

You can complete daily activities and earn badges to recognise your progress.

You can access the starter kete successions in 5 day blocks, by clicking on the links below.

Starter kete days 1 – 5

Starter kete days 6 – 10

Starter kete days 11 – 15

Starter kete days 16 – 20

Starter kete days 21 – 25

Starter kete days 26 – 30

Each daily activity offers your opportunities to connect, creating networks, understand the lingo (wikis, blogs, hashtags and more) plus how to tell a story using digital tools or use YouTube effectively.

You may prefer to download the full kete:

Starter kete (full)

Please feel free to pass it along to any friend or colleague you think could benefit from getting more connected!